Cielo ERP

Human Resource & Payroll Management

All-in-one: Recruitments, Appraisal, Expenses, Leaves, Attendances, etc.

Cieloib Human Resources & Payroll module may be used as standalone, or as an integral part of a total business solution.

Salient Features 

Personnel Records

  • Personal
  • Address
  • Next of Kin
  • Education
  • Qualifications
  • Training
  • Hobbies
  • Memberships
  • Employement History
  • Contract
  • Salary
  • Dependant
  • Documents (of employees and their dependants) – the System may be programmed to issue an alert to the relevant departments as documents become due to expire. The System also includes an option to send messages to employees to that effect
  • Deployment

Uniform Issues

    This routine allows the user to log items of dress issued to employees.

Items in Custody

    This routine allows the user to log items of value issued to employees.


    The System maintains a full history of employment for each employee.

Base Salary Revisions

    The System maintains a full audit trail of each employee's salary changes.


    The Training sub-module allows the user to record details of Training Programs available to Employees and guests. Training Programs are classified into categories and information such as training centres, timetables, course instructors and trainees may be logged against each program.


    The Appraisals sub-module allows the user to design multiple Appraisal Forms complete with a grading system which will in turn be used in the employee evaluation process.

Applications & Requests

This sub-module allows the user to record Loan Applications, Leave Applications, Advance Applications, Transfer Requests, Increment Requests and Resignations. Applications then undergo an approval process whereby the Status of each application will ultimately change to either Accepted or Rejected. The System also allows the user to define other requests should there be a need to do so.

Employee Self-service

This sub-module enables employees who have been granted access by the System Administrator to log onto the Applications & Requests routines and make applications online via the internet browser. Employees will also be able to view their personal accounts.


The Insurance sub-module allows the user to record details of insurance classes & schemes, and list employees and dependants included against each scheme.


Details of employee loans may be recorded here. An employee may have more than one loan at any given time. Loan repayment amounts are automatically deducted in the payroll process, and the respective loan records are automatically updated.


Leave Dates, Return Dates, Flight and Ticket details may be recorded here for employees and their dependants. The System will automatically calculate accrued leave and other entitlements where relevant, and create Pay Slips ready to be processed in the Payments sub-module. The leave routines are integrated with the Travel sub-module in Administration, where travel arrangements may be made if required.


The System hosts a suite of routines for payroll processing: Variable data such as overtime and other various additions and deductions may be logged through the Transactions routine to be taken into account in Pay Slip calculation. It is possible to program the System to send informative messages to employees as transactions of certain types are posted to their accounts. The System also provides a comparison tool where the current payroll run may be compared to previous runs for checking. Once the payroll calculations have been checked there follows an approval process after which the Pay Slips are finalised ready for processing in the Payments sub-module.

Termination of Employment

For employees leaving the organisation, the System will automatically calculate Accrued Leave, End of Service Award and Terminal Pay (final settlement) and create a Pay Slip recovering all outstanding loans. Pay Slips created here will then be processed in the Payments sub-module.


This sub-module is designed for processing payments as per Pay Slips arising from of the Leave, Payroll and Termination sub-modules. Payments may be made by cheque or bank transfer as dictated by the Method of Payment of each Pay Slip – the System will record a payment reference against each Pay Slip as it is paid and keep a full audit of all payments. Pay Slips settled in cash are flagged manually as "Paid".

Accounting Journals

The System will calculate periodical accruals journals on request. These may be viewed, printed and subsequently approved for posting to accounts.

Organisational Chart

This routine allows the user to create an Organisational Chart specifying the hierarchical structure of the organisation and the number of staff required against each position. The System produces a comparison chart of budget against actual highlighting understaffed and overstaffed areas.


The System includes a Recruitment sub-module where Job Opportunities are listed by Category and a rating system is devised for each job. Curriculum Vitae of applicants are recorded and linked to one or more job opportunity and rated accordingly. The System provides power filtering tools for processing and approval of applications and facility to email applicants with requests to attend interviews, acceptances and rejections.

Recruitment on Internet

The Recruitment sub-module may be coupled with an auxiliary Internet Recruitment Sub-system which may be called from the client's website. Job categories and opportunities may be uploaded to the internet where applicants will be able to register, enter their curriculum vitae, attach their photos and list jobs which are of interest to them. Records entered here are then downloaded to the main database for processing.


The System provides a comprehensive range of reporting routines which offer the user a wide range of filtering criteria and sorting parameters, with options to change report headings and to view reports on screen, output to file (which may then be viewed, printed, emailed or exported) as well as to printer. Filtering criteria, sort options and report headings selected may be saved for future runs.

System Screenshots 

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