Are you looking for a Quick and Effective implementation of your Odoo system?

An Odoo ERP system integrates many functions across the business, such as financial management, human resources, sales and manufacturing etc, to deliver benefits such as increased productivity and efficiency. Implementing Odoo ERP system Implementation can be a complex undertaking that affects many parts of the business and hence must be carried out by the technology experts.

For a successful implementation, the organization needs to carefully define its requirements, determine how to redesign processes to take full advantage of the system, configure the Odoo ERP system to support those processes and thoroughly testing the system before deploying it to end users.

Odoo Implementation Process


Discovery & Planning

A cross functional project team gathers input about different business groups' requirement and the issues that the ERP system needs to solve.


Customization & Development

This involves configuring and, where necessary, customizing the software to support the redesigned processes. It may also include developing integration with any of the organization’s other existing business applications


Configuration & Deployment

This is the stage when the system goes live. Installation and configuration of the ERP is done as per the Clients need.


Data Migration

Some essential data is migrated to the new ERP ahead of deployment, while other information—such as current transactions—should be migrated immediately before going live.


Support & Training

Training is conducted for the ERP users. The project team ensures that the users have the support they need, and continues to upgrade the system and fix problems as needed


Go Live

The system goes live and users will start using the ERP

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